A governmental agency in Hokkaido, Japan, has been making a difference in the life of one schoolgirl for the past three years, reports the Daily Mail. 

Trains barrel past the Kami-Shirataki station all day, with the exception of two times: 7:04 a.m. and 5:08 p.m. These are the times teenager Kana Harada, and only Kana, steps on and off the train platform to travel to school each day. 
According to an online media platform based in Singapore, The Online Citizen, Kana typically sits on the two-carriage train with other classmates from Engaru Highschool, who board the train at earlier stations. 

Hokkaido Railway Co., operated by Japan Railways, planned to shut down the mostly unused station in 2012. However, after discovering Kana relied on the train to get to school, the railway company chose to keep keep the station open, reports the Daily Mail. 

"This station's presence has become something I take for granted," Kana told the Daily Mail. "I am filled with gratitude." 

A video shows Kana traveling alone in a blue-seated train car, looking out the window at a snowy, mountainous landscape. 

A highly emotional moment in the video shows Kana's uncle looking solemnly at the train schedule with only two times, presumably sad the train will never again stop at the station. 

"I remember getting on the train from this platform at an important time in my development and I get very emotional about it. I am glad we had this station here," Kana's uncle says in a video produced by the Daily Mail.  

Watching her wait on the platform, Kana's uncle told the Daily Mail, "There won't be many of these occasions left so I want to be sure to imprint these in my memory." 

One day, her uncle and aunt presented the grateful teenager with flowers, reminding her to always love her hometown and to always love the little station. 


Japan Railway committed to keeping the station open until she is expected to graduate in March 2016.


The train stops at the station exactly two times each day -- just in time to take Kana to school and back.